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How much does a website cost?

This is always difficult to answer straight off the cuff as each website is so individual, but I'll try to give you guys an idea of how much you should budget based on your expectations and requirements.

This is question that anyone who wants a website always ask first: how much does a website cost? Here at Pink Cactus we create bespoke websites that are tailored to your needs, so it makes it impossible to answer the question of cost without having more information from you first.

Sure there are plenty of companies that will say £299 for a website or £20 per month. However, those prices, for the most part, are based on you choosing something off-the-shelf. 

Web developers and design consultancies generally base their costs on calculating how many hours it will take to produce what you want then times that by their hourly rate. This ranges from around £50 per hour for a freelance web developer, up to about £180 for a design consultancy.

For illustrative purposes let say you're a recruitment agency. Your brief is for a new website that will allow visitors to search your current vacancies and view job details. Visitors are also going to need to a apply for jobs and send their CV. You'll also need the usual pages such as about us, our services, contact with a form for sending messages, possibly a blog, terms of use, privacy policy and cookie statement. A project of that scale would take 2 to 4 weeks of development time, costing anywhere from £3500 to £12600 depending on whether you use a freelancer or a consultancy. A consultancy costs considerably more, but you'll get a team of 3 to 6 people which would include a project manager, a designer and a developer. The team will ensure they don't just answer your brief with a website that technically works, but will make it look good and easy to use.

You could save a ton of money by going to a freelancer. However, the design aesthetic should be just as important to your business as technology - Dale Partridge says it best with "People don't refer ugly or confusing". So if you do go the freelancer route then you'll need to find either a freelance designer who has enough technical skills to build what you need, or a freelance developer who has a sharp design eye to create something with style.

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Web design

At Pink Cactus we offer a range of web design and development services from a static, single page web presence to fully CMS driven brochure site.

Print Design

We are passionate about design so as well as developing your website, we offer a professional design service from brand identity to printed media.